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Illegal Prescription Drugs & Usage

In Florida, it is illegal to possess, distribute, sell, or use prescription drugs without proper authorization or licensing. A defendant convicted of an illegal prescription drug crime may be facing devastating consequences, including lengthy imprisonment, hefty fines, a criminal record, and other life-altering consequences.

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The Fentanyl & Opioid Epidemic

Stories about the opioid epidemic and fentanyl deaths make headlines every day in Florida and throughout the United States. Pharmaceutical companies are settling lawsuits for tremendous amounts of money. Communities compete for supplies of naloxone to save lives. Moreover, states like Florida are cracking down on dealers who sell opioids and fentanyl-laced narcotics.

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Possession of Marijuana: Intent to Sell

In the state of Florida, a person may be arrested and charged with marijuana possession with intent to sell for having a quantity of marijuana more than a reasonable amount meant for personal consumption in their care.

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Felony Sentencing in Florida: A Guidelines Scoresheet

States across the country use various methods to calculate an appropriate prison term for individuals convicted of criminal offenses. Florida established the Criminal Punishment Code (CPC) scoring system that determines the appropriate sentence for people convicted of felonies, except capital offenses.

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Penalties for Theft in Florida

If you've been accused of theft in Daytona Beach or any of the surrounding areas, the first thing you should do is reach out to our firm, Our attorney has decades of experience advocating for the rights of individuals facing petit theft and grand theft charges

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Shoplifting Charges in Florida

Crime was down overall in Florida in 2020, though one can’t discount the effect of the pandemic and virus control measures in contributing to the drop.

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