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Shoplifting is a serious crime in Volusia County, FL, no matter the circumstance. Stealing of any kind can land you in hot water, especially if you don't have an attorney. No matter what occurred, you deserve to work with a criminal defense attorney to explain your side of the story. DaytonaDefense.com is here to take on your case and put you in the best light possible.

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What constitutes theft?

If you've never been accused of theft before, it can be hard to understand your charges. It's important to know what qualifies as theft so you can defend yourself. Here are a few facts about theft in Volusia County, FL:

Theft law relates to any unlawful taking of products, services or assets from another party.
Charges of theft can result in fines or jail time, depending on the value of the taken item(s).
A few types of theft include shoplifting, carjacking and bank robbery.

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